Why You Need To Become a Nerd To Get Rich

2am thoughts are usually strange and odd-tonight it’s no different as I find myself thinking abstractly, this is not surprising as we all know that silence comes with a lot of noise. I am listening to music by blue six at a very mellow volume. I find myself thinking of the idea of wealth and success and, how most (Well I think it’s safe to say all) of us try to reach it.

I am quite certain that most people dream of being successful, and not just being successful but a few millions in the bank. That is what we all aspire to, a few millions in the bank. But only a very few ever reach that goal. There’s been many talks, books and films about wealth and why only a very small percentage of the world’s population is ever able to acquire it, and most of them are right and everything they say can be summarized to fit a single simple sentence, and that sentence will perfectly answer the question of why only a small number of people ever get to be wealthy.

Based on my observations, books and articles I have read and tons of wisdom I have taken in from enlightened people, I can safely conclude that the reason we fail to acquire wealth is because we aren’t nerds at what we do.

Yes, we aren’t NERDY enough.

No. I am not ridiculous, keep reading and you’ll understand.

What is a nerd? To most people, it’s a person who, based on social standards is simply not cool enough. When you think of a nerd, pictures that occupy your mind include those of a “weird” and “weary” looking teen with glasses and “weird” clothes. This image is the result of Hollywood mind conditioning, of course, it is the image that Hollywood and other entertainment industries have been associating with the word “nerd” since forever.

As you grow older, this idea remains deeply rooted in your head and it only gives you a life full of missed opportunities and wasted talent because it misleads you. In your quest to remain “cool” or “desirable” you tend to shy away from doing things that will get you called a “nerd”. When you finally realize that there is really nothing special about being cool except for unnecessary social pressure and the need to keep up with an image you have created to please the internet, time will have moved on a bit.

Now, what do I mean by you have to be a nerd to acquire wealth?

I mean that you must live, breath and embody your profession. Whether you are a musician, college student, tattoo artist, athlete, forex trader, photographer, motivational speaker, model, social media influencer; if you live and breathe what you do, you will unlock sides within your profession that only you can use to get ahead or, loopholes that you can exploit to make fortunes.

The truth is everyone who is rich, is and has been a nerd at what at they do. Many people will not understand this concept until you give examples that include people who are well known. so here we go:

Kanye West. Kanye is a wealthy musical genius and is considered a legend of his time. He got where he is because he was and still is a musical nerd.

Bill Gates, a computer genius and once the richest man on earth for a very long time; He was a nerd when it came to computers and technology and yeah, it paid off.

Phil Knight, an accounted who read the books so much that he learned to convert those letters into money. Phil knight turned a small Japanese running shoe company into something we today call NIKE and, now he is worth close to 26 billion dollars, he is not even a shoe designer, he just read the books enough.

The people in the examples above are in completely different fields, Kanye is in the entertainment industry and no matter how much effort he puts in his work he will never be called a nerd as he doesn’t wear spectacles and carry books around. Bill Gates is a university drop-out who is in the technology industry. Phil, got where is because of his education and he was probably referred to as a nerd at some point as his process of acquiring wealth involved a lot of studying and reading of plenty of books. The only thing these individuals have in common is that they have put in the effort that most people aren’t willing to.

In summary here is what a nerd according to me is and why you need to become one:

A nerd is someone who puts so much work into what they love and do that they end up getting something out of it, usually a lot of it. Nerds are better than everybody at what they do. This is important because when you are average you only know what everybody knows so you can’t use that to get ahead or create a fortune as you are on the same level with everybody and know exactly what everybody knows.

Millionaires like Kanye are nerds because they turned years of hard work, dedication, prioritizing, sacrifices, risks and isolation into successful endeavours. This is something that we cannot do with our professions, university courses and interest. For example, at school, we usually just settle for a pass and then go to our rooms and dream of becoming millionaires.

You can be a millionaire out of your course by the way, but the question is; are your living your course-Is the provided study material all that you read about your course, do you also go out and find more material to compliment that, do you attend conferences related to your course during weekends to make friends and network with people who already have power in your field, do you have a role model that has found major success in what you are studying and look up to them? If you answered no to most of these questions, then you are just like all the other students in your class, same goals and same approach to everything, nothing is getting you ahead.

If you forget about the course for a minute and read the book out of interest, aim and dedication, not only can you use what’s written in it to beat the system and reach the success heights that you desire but you can also change the way we see your field of expertise.

This is the same with every rich person you know, they have put more work into their fields than their counter, so much work that they even discovered loopholes in their fields. Those loopholes allowed them to profit and cash-in. so why can’t you do that with what you love or study?!

Let’s all become nerds!

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