This has been a busy week musically. I had a lot of projects to finish off and release. All of them are big projects and were no easy feat. My remix of Thabztwentytwo-Thanks to Lupa came out on Lupa Afrika Recordings earlier this week. It is part of a 10 track collection ep compiled by Lupa Afrika (The owner of the label).

Furthermore, I just released a preview of my upcoming 2 track and 1 remix ep (Audio Hypnosis Records).

The ep is a taste of whats coming up next year and, a different kind of deep tech that we have grown accustomed to here in RSA. It is also my first release as t’Nyiko (Moving away from TribalDAZE). This is good music. The ep is coming out October.

So turn the volume up cuz your speakers are about to sing the right songs.

More of my music here

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