Yes, it is no joke, I am going to teach you a way to ignore everyone’s advice, and progress in life. Here is why it is important to do so at certain times:

Life is about you, the definition of forever is how long you are going to live, the impressions that you make come from your uniqueness. You are not going to make an impression if you absorb everything that everyone tells you and let it shape the way you react, look and think.

Stand up for yourself, make your own decisions, right or wrong you will have remained true to your values and learned something from it.

Any benefits to doing all of this?

The whole topic of ignoring people’s advice might sound comical at first but it is extremely beneficial to one’s self as we’ll see.

First, you get to stay true to yourself.

Believe it or not, we are shaped by the influences of the environments we live in, and advices are as some of these influences. So, the more advice you take, the more you handle matters in a predictable and somehow, mechanical way and the more gullible you get to be.

By ignoring all these pieces of advice, you get to make your own life decisions, and if they end up backfiring, you pay for them, learn from it and come back stronger and wiser. This is how life is supposed to be, don’t try to change it!

You also gain confidence in making simple personal choices like the types of music you listen to, types of friends you choose to keep, types of places you choose to go to and the type of lifestyle you chose to adopt. All these decisions will be made by the combination of your heart, mind and soul and, everything that comes out of it will have everlasting positive effects.

You also learn to read people and interpret their intentions, because before you reject someone’s advice, you have to listen to them.

In the real world, this will allow you to spot and avoid scammers and you will learn to think of all the factors involved in a situation in order to avoid incorrect conclusions.

For example, a person might give you advice for a common issue but, their problem might have arisen from different circumstances, resulting in you making the wrong conclusions and eventually the wrong decision.

A little story of mine; I automatically ignore people’s advice, it is natural and it has always been like this. I will just listen to people and then do what I was always going to do before they started talking.

For example, I’ve never wanted anyone to do my homework, never! In primary school, I’d do all my homework, fail them and then determine where I went wrong. When the test came, I would always get extraordinarily high marks while everyone failed, because from doing a mistake and correcting it myself (and not have someone do the mistake for me) I learned something.

That’s not all, I also gained self-confidence and learned to take control. This leads my teachers to believe that I was a genius and to me, this was also advice so I completely ignored them and continued to think I was basic and tried to work myself to perfection.

Salvador Dali

Which advice should you not ignore

First, do not ignore your parent’s advice. This might sound like a contradiction to this article’s caption but it is important to listen to your parent’s advice, because not only do they want what is best for you, but they also have tonnes of gigabytes of wisdom stored safely in their minds. So, when they tell you to stay away from things like the Golf GTI’S until you can afford one, they really mean well. And, also because they are not just everyone.

But there’s an exception when it comes to parents, there are times when you must disregard their advice (BUT not completely), like when making decisions that your future depends on, your career choice for example (I’ve written about this here).

Secondly, do not ask for someone’s advice and then ignore it because I taught you so. If you ask for advice it means that you needed it and you should therefore, listen and analyse.

When is it safe to ignore people’s advice?

Well, Most of the times. But there are steps to follow;

First, you need to already have the solution to the problem at hand, this might be from research that you have already done on the matter, past experiences or instinct.

It is also safe to ignore someone’s advice if they are just willing to give it without you having requested it. Because, no matter how “point-on” it may sound, people always have motives and you must always be cautious to avoid getting stabbed in the back and, ask yourself how does the person know about your matters.

So how do you ignore everyone’s advice you ask?

Listen to them attentively, pay attention, nod in agreement and never question them, and then COMPLETELY IGNORE EVERYTHING THEY JUST TOLD YOU and do whatever that you were going to do. While taking what we discussed earlier into consideration, of course!



Welcome to progress!

The equation of progress as we have all probably discovered now is:


See you in the next post

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